This site is operated by Loss Prevention Texas F01282 and Y04182701. We are a private security training school that is located at 3230 Reid Dr. Suite K, Corpus Christi TX 78404.
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  • MMPI required for all Level 3 Armed Security Officers in Texas (January 1, 2024)   See HB 3424 or contact your company for information.
  • You must have a license to be a security officer.
  • You must have a license to be a private investigator in Texas.
  • You can not use a LTC to work private security.
  • You can not work security for a private entity such as a club, bar, apartment complex etc,  unless the entity is registered with the Department of Public Safety Regulatory Service Division and the person employed is a licensed security officer.

If you are working for a licensed security services contractor and the contractor (your company) sends to a contracted post, all is well.

You can not work with an expired license. It is your responsibility to keep your license current. It is your responsibility to be positive that you are registered properly. Both you and your company can be held legally responsible.

You can be fined and/or go directly to jail if you do not follow the law.
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